I fail in captions. But the picture’s cool, ne?

Watch the video here.
WARNING:Extremely HOT clothes and performances; watch at your own risk. Most side effects are spazzing, nosebleed, heart palpitations and catching your breath.

Oh, yes, yes! New clothes! HOT new clothes. Siwon’s clothes are flaming H-O-T,omg. [It’s the muscles, X3.] Same goes to Fishy’s, Wookie’s,Henry’s and Zhoumi’s outfit. And OMG, KyunNie has the scarf. But to me, HanGeng’s outfit are.. kinda.. still like the same. O.o Fire is the new trend. And I love it; [Ahh, the Don’t Don days.] Especially the “SJM” written in flames. HOT and NICE.

Dance Intro
So according to Pinkandsparkly, the ones in the military clothes are the contestants; They performed some kind of a military dance, then SJM came. NEW OUTFITS AGAIN!! They came out one by one as the MC announced their names in chinese. And OMG, as the song “U” began to play, i swear that the fans at the studio shouted ZHOUMI’s name. There are also times that they chanted Henry’s name, doesnt it make you feel so happy inside? [According to Pinkandsparkly {yea, her again, XD}, the stonehearted ONLY13 supporters where shouting “ONLY” but trust me, ZHOUMI and HENRY sounds nothing like ONLY.]

credits to Pinkandsparkly for this pic, and for the tudou link too. 😀

The “U” dance was the usual OMG-SO-HOT chest thumpin’ and pelvic thrust dance that always makes you spazz; Though I am waiting for a real live performance where they really sing the song. Nevertheless, they are hot. [I’m still happy about the fact that Kyunnie oppa is performing more and more, Lol. And I still cant get enough of Fishy’s solo dances T______T]

Lol, Wookie oppa’s outfit has Siwon oppa’s old scarf. XDD Kyunnie oppa’s outfit.. looks like a uniform to me, O_O he still looks good though; Siwon’s was my all time favorite, I really love the top. *drools* And you can easily spot the amazing leader’s white top. I love it too, and omo, I have the same top as Zhoumi~ Fishy looked really cute with the scarf. [Lol, they do love scarfs.] I really DO love Henry’s top. 😉

After the dance[Lol, I can’t think of a title. XPP]
Kyunnie, Wookie and ZhouMi sang a song called “舞动奇迹” [according to Pinkandsparkly,], a cappella version. [They were cute making the “shhh” actions XP] Even though it was only short, it sounded beautiful.

The host then talked a bit to Hangeng about his experiences with dancing (it’s a dance show) and Hangeng said that he started dancing when he was 13, and only started learning hip hop when he was 18.

And what is Super Junior [M] without sweet moments? X33 After Hankyung danced, Fishy wiped his face with a tissue. aww. <333

Henry and the Violin
Seeing Henry alone on the stage holding his magical beautiful violin made so excited; nyaha^^
it was the one he played at StarKing, where there’s a part where he will [kinda] lie on the floor and then suddenly stand up, my favorite. 😉 The lighting effects added to it’s drama, creating a dreamy-effect. [At least to me, Lol.] And the MOONWALK was awesome; I’ve always wanted to perform moonwalks, but I kinda look awkward. T__________T [I guess I should stick to folk dances. nyaha XD]

DongHae and Hankyung *little* dance battle
They danced to Chris Brown’s “Run It”, [honestly I laughed @ their 1st move, which was pushing each other. I really find It funny. XDDD] and the rest are *————-*;they really must be 2 of the lead dancers in SJ. I just love to see DongHae dancing, and HanKyung too. You just stare at them all day, watch them do the moves.

Teaching “U” steps and Leaving
I swear THEY KISSED XDD [Yes, they did not, but im just a fangirl, I can’t help it 😉 ]

After that, they taught the audience a small part of their “U” dance and then they left.
=> Pinkandsparkly

Drool all you can with their pelvic thrusts, lol. THEY DANCE IN PERFECT SYNC, omg. pelvic thrust+perfect sync. What do you get? a smirking sayuu13sj. XDD [Im no pervert, trust me. Im innocent as Shim ChangMin oppa. X333]

All in All
The new outfits are blazing hot, you can still spazz over the U dance, Henry is UBER talented, HanGeng and Fishy are the best dancers around, SiWon oppa’s arms are to be drooled over, they love scarfs, and SJM is another legend. 😉

I saw some fans doing some signs with their fingers, At first I thought they were showing “7” with it but then I re-read Pinkandsparkly’s post and It appears to be a “13” sign by the “onlytards”. O_O They really should just watch Gossip Girl with her. XD

So yea. It’s 4:30am here and I’m gonna cook ramen and lurk @ soompi.
Thanks for reading, this is my 2nd “official” post and I would love if U comment 😉

Pinkandsparkly, I love U to much. XD

First things first – he looked so cute. Im really loving how they styled his hair. I always loved him for being a very pretty boy 😛

I decided to post this one 1st of all the monologues because this, I think, is the best one. 😛
[Im waiting like FOREVER for HeeNim’s monologue but I think he wont have one; But I still have hopes for one. X3 T__T]

He starts off by saying that he originally wanted to be an athlete, but then he likes dancing in front of his Father..
I could go praising and thanking Fishy’s father forever; he was the main reason [I think,] why Fishy’s a Super Junior member today.

Am I so glad that he saw that advertisement on that album. T_________________T
I believe that it’s destiny for him to be in Super Junior. 😉

He says that he can act charming and manly at the same time; and everytime he does, he always me/us faint,melt, or the like. am I right or am I right?
One thing’s for sure, im not one of those. When I first say him, in terms of first impression, I thought he was such a nice kid. Kind, sweet, but not that noisy.
Haha, even though I/we[us, other Fishy fans. :P] are miles and miles and light years away and the only way of getting to see him is by computer monitor or TV screens, WE KNOW HIM TOO WELL to say that he’s cold hearted. T______T

Ideal Type
Because I was eating by the time I was watching this, my eyes weren’t glued to the screen. I only saw “I like someone who’d say, “Ur collar is crooked,”” and I was like O_O he’s type is weird but for him I’d say that every minute :D; But it appears that he liked someone who’d be taking good care of him and pays *MUCH* attention to him. Im so happy that I can be one of his type, honestly speaking. T____T please dont bash me, hey. MANY more girls out there are very thoughtful and all that. Maybe even U. 😛 But as I watch him say his ideal type, It breaks my heart on the same time knowing that I have no chance with him; meeting him, at least. But I’d still be very happy if he will get married sooner of later. We all know how he wants to be a dad, BADLY.


Im pretty sure that he’d be playing the charismatic role perfectly, agree? 😉
Lol, I was waiting for “I want to be in a drama with Song HyeKyo” but there isn’t any lines similar to that. XDD

They showed a clip [from MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, I think] of him, saying “I wish he could be here with me now, My father is in heaven; But he is also deep in my heart.. I love U, Dad!” with his trembling voice.. This is where my tears started to generate. .

My Everything

I really wanted to sing it on stage, for all my fans, family, and agency people. They are my everything though my father has always been the most precious one.

He sang a part of the song, which was so sweet. I could just melt with his voice. :((

Special Day
October 08. .

Dear Father

Thank you for giving me such a healthy body.
I wish I could be beside you,
I miss you so much..

Hmmn. Lee DongHae sshi, U made me cry buckets of tears.. 🙂
U can see his very deep love for his father, right?
haha, im so pathetic. Im all teary here as I type. 😛


I’d wish for my father to come to my concert, even just once.

Im so weeeeeeird. T_______T everytime I picture him saying those, tears would just come from my eyes T_T

DongHae: “As you may have noticed, I always say “Always stay healthy” at the end.

This certain sentenced influenced me a lot. Since I watched this, I had been extremely taking care of my health, my mum’s health, my sisters’ health, and pretty much everyone else. Lol, I even eat the healthy foods that I onced trashed secretly~

I have the idea that his father died because of illness, maybe that why he has been reminding everyone he loves to always be healthy, so that all of them can live life to the very fullest. =)
[That is what I can see, from his words. Not sure though. hehe~]

but hey, OMG. this is my 1st OFFICIAL SANE post in a blog. LOL~ Who would expect that I would type this long?
Already 5am here, XDDD
Can you see how much I love this guys?

SarangHaeyo~~ 😉

Lol, I know this is my very 1st post and U guys reading this might think I have such a random brain [which is kinda true, XDD].. But I cant help it. I was surfing through one of my folders named “Super Dorky Time 13” [Im pathetic. XD] and I saw this particular GIF and I was like “O_O they’re.. doing something weird”.. at first and I started laughing like an insane maniac XDDD

So this is the GIF:

Left to Right: KyunNie[KyunHyun], HanNie [HanKyung/HanGeng], HyukJae [EunHyuk] and Fishy [DongHae].

It’s tiny but U can see it. LMAO @ HanKyung. He kinda tapped [uhm. i dunno the term. XPP] his butt and was like “aaaaaaaaahh, what a relief” .

Im not sure where I got It, probably from Soompi forums, not sure from which member though.. [Sorry I cant credit properly T_T]

They are sooooooooo dorky. Makes U love them even more, huh?

If someone would be so kind, can U give me a video link of this GIF’s original scene? 😛
I already found where It’s from, it’s from their Iple episodes. 😉

Like I said earlier, this is my 1st retarded post, so please forgive me U think U just wasted Ur time on this. 🙂
But please wait a little longer for my *sane* updates, I promise i’ll post more usefull things. 🙂

Sapphire。Cassiopeia ♥

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